Rants and Raves | August 7, 2022

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Robotexts skyrocket – Know it won’t work for everybody. I don’t use my phone much. I turned my ringer down. Occasionally, at my convenience, I check it. I usually have three or four junk texts that I delete. It saves on my sanity. LOL.

The election coverage for this newspaper was biased. I had to search to find results for Democratic secretary of state outcome. Apparently there are no file photos of Democratic candidates either.

Update: WNBA’s Griner convicted at Russian drug trial, sentenced to nine years – She’s a worthless America hater but I do think nine years is a bit harsh. A year would have been fine. Let her sit in Russian jail for awhile and contemplate life. And no trades for her. Keep her.

Supervisors revisit conduct after inquiry hurts feelings – Kudos, Jean Bishop. Lingenfelter should be questioned on such matters. When he was elected I asked if any real estate matters would be questioned. If you can’t stand the heat, move on.

Supervisors revisit conduct after inquiry hurts feelings – Thank you, supervisor Bishop. You represented your constituents correctly inquiring about possible business ventures of another supervisor.

Obama’s father born in Africa rant – Our founding documents require that for a presidential/vice presidential run both parents must be born on U.S. soil. It derived from divided loyalties to both the U.S. and England early on. Kamala Harris is an illegal VP with parents born in India and Jamaica.

Carl Golden column: Time for Republicans to break from Trump – Please provide proof concerning last election. I have only seen not-credible media, and statements from politician and partisans. I have found no reliably sourced information concerning what happened before, during and after the 2020 election to make my own judgment. Please publish PROOF.

Carl Golden column: Time for Republicans to break from Trump – It’s a lie Trump was proven a loser; no courts took his cases. The odds Biden got 83 million votes is a profound number. He couldn’t draw flies but 83 million showed up to vote for him? Ha, Ha, Ha.

Primary election – OK, candidates, the primary election is now over! Winners and losers, get your teams together and take down all the political signs. They’ll go back up soon enough for the November election. Let’s be tidy in the meantime.

No privacy rant – Neighborhoods would look great with no walls. The block walls make the neighborhoods ugly. Go to the Midwest or the East. They have no walls and the towns look so nice with no ugly walls.

No privacy rant – I grew up in the Midwest. We had no block walls and privacy was never an issue with neighbors. All these block walls in the southwest are ridiculous and make neighborhoods look unattractive.

Voters keep Gosar – Paul Gosar’s siblings scathingly denounced him: “Have you no sense of decency, Paul?” Our House of Representatives censured him for depicting himself killing fellow politicians, and he’s appeared with a Holocaust denier, anti-Semitic, homophobic, racist activist, shamefully.

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