Letter | Correct erroneous rants

This is about how the Miner handles posts to Rants and Raves that are incorrect.

I saw a few times where the Miner added a comment below a post stating the information correctly or labeling it as false.

In the Sunday, Aug. 7 edition under Rants and Raves, I was appalled that two of the postings had no comments added by the Miner.

The “Obama’s father was born in Africa” rant stated that a presidential candidate must have had both parents born in the U.S.

A quick check of requirements proved this was totally false and something that misleads others and perpetuates a lie.

Another rant about the Carl Golden column – “Time for Republicans to break from Trump” – stated that no court would take his cases.

Research shows that 81 cases of fraudulent voting were presented and all were found to have no basis in fact.

I believe both of these rants should have had an added comment to that effect.

Vicky Greening


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