Rants and Raves | August 14, 2022

Let us know what’s on your mind in 40 words or less. Submit Rants and Raves at kdminer.com/rants-and-raves or email editorial@kdminer.com. If your rant/rave is about a specific story please mention the headline. Rants and raves must be original; not plagiarized. We receive many more rants and raves than we can print. Local rants and raves are preferred.

Local grocery stores should take a good look at the potholes and uneven pavement leading into their stores. It is unsafe for the elderly to walk under those conditions.

Privacy ranting – What on earth are you doing in your backyards that requires so much privacy? Perhaps you should take it inside, lol.

Privacy ranting – Older residents are not the only ones with privacy issues. As I sit out in our backyard with my toddler, I am being watched over my block wall by these teen trampoline peeping toms. Adults-only community suggestion was insulting!

Privacy ranting – If you don’t like kids, build or move to a no-kids neighborhood hopefully with high walls. You would hate my grandchildren. They ride scooters in packs.

Privacy ranting – No sir, this has been a retirement town. Kingman has always been working class. I grew up here. My parents worked at the Arizona Ford Proving Grounds at Duval or at ranching. I am 68 now, and I love the kids in my neighborhood.

Mary Miner letter: Persecution of Trump Continues – Right on Mary. From day one (Russia collusion, etc.), no POTUS has ever been treated like this. The left deep state is terrified of him but this week, they went too far. Trump will run, win and clean out the swamp.

Little Leaguer consoles pitcher rave – Saw it numerous times and you’re absolutely right. So touching. We were involved in coaching Little League for years and I only hope we instilled something similar in our young boys.

Remove election signs – So glad the primary election is over and done. Now maybe the clutter of signs will be removed, and the mailers will cease. That big sign staring me in the face did not help in making my decision.

Vicky Greening letter: Correct erroneous rants – Good letter by Vicky Greening. The Miner has an obligation to our community to be a conveyor of truth. When it prints known lies and misinformation it not only does its readers a disservice, but the community at large harm.

Thank you to Biden for signing bill so veterans get health coverage for burn-pit exposure. Our veterans deserve the best. So glad Biden administration did what prior administration would not.

Privacy ranting – Privacy is the main reason for block walls due to small lot size. Also, the pride of ownership lacks in many areas, therefore, masking the neighbor’s weeds, junk cars and barking dog is necessary for our sanity.

Olivia Newton-John dies at 73 – Goodbye, Sandy! You will always be remembered/loved/missed. When I’m sad, mad or glad, I watch Grease. Better than pills anyday. Newton-John was one brave lady battling cancer so long.

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