Rants and Raves | August 19, 2022

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City of Kingman to launch new customer payment portal – How about having a way to track your water usage online so you can know if you have a water leak and after fixing it, if it is actually fixed? Currently it take a full cycle after fixing to find out if the leak is gone.

It’s wonderful to hear about the new animal shelter. Good job, whomever brought this about.

In-custody death investigation in Bullhead City closed – A prisoner transport officer is not just a driver. The officer is charged with the duty to ensure that his arrestee is alive and well at all times. Allowing the prisoner to die is negligence to the extreme!

No privacy rant – Trampolines are an eyesore. Notice that parents set up the trampoline in the corner of the yard, away from their house. Fun for the kids, ugly to look at, with a bird’s eye view over the neighbor’s fence or wall.

No privacy rant – The housing market, economy and personal circumstance can prohibit homeowners from “just moving.” Kids are curious and like to peek and watch. It’s up to the parents to guide or correct behavior. Plus, the trampolines are too tall.

No Privacy rant – I wish that my neighbors had a privacy wall. The young son pees from the trampoline and jungle gym while we’re out in our yard.

Water sprinklers – We’re in a serious drought yet there are water-guzzling grass areas. Not much to be done with irresponsible homeowners with grass, however, why are there grass areas at City Hall, churches, businesses? Grass in parks is OK. Elsewhere, no.

I am thankful for the bill to improve climate change conditions. It is long overdue. Less air pollution can only be a good thing.

If the border wall is extended, I hope this time they only use American-made steel and American-made products for construction.

So the people who care so much about child sex trafficking, child porn and Islamic terrorism want to destroy the agency that investigates and prosecutes such atrocities because a billionaire fascist cult leader is being held accountable for illegal actions. Makes perfect sense.

Privacy response rant – No one has said anything about not liking children! The need for privacy does not mean that anyone hates anyone, scooters included. Nothing inappropriate takes place in our backyard. Just gardening, barbecues, 14th amendment.

Arizona Governor touts school voucher program – Voucher programs take funding away from public education, which 98% of Arizona families depend on. The government is favoring private schools with less accountability that really do indoctrinate children in their ideologies. Support public education. It’s for everyone!

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