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In today's political climate it seems like a day doesn't go by without the right/Republicans blaming the left/Democrats or vice-versa for just about anything and everything, while Independents such as myself are stuck in the middle when in reality we are all to blame, one way or the other, for today's climate but primarily one person has flamed the fires more than anyone.

Personally, I don't truly care what party one affiliates with as that is one's choice, but for us as a federal republic we should not and cannot allow any one person or group to dictate the direction of our great country or be above our laws, ex-president or not.

In addition, we as a people cannot assume anything, good or bad, but must rely on the system to play out and let the facts speak for themselves. To do otherwise does nothing more than create hate and possible violence.

We must all step back, as they say, and take a deep breath, calm down, see what the investigation determines and stop blaming each other as that does nothing to benefit either side.

Our democracy and freedoms that we take for granted are truly at stake and to allow one individual to create so much hate and violence is truly as sad and dangerous as it can get.

This era will be remembered in our history and God help us if we go the wrong direction. I ask you to please think about what is going on right now and please choose the right path as there is only one if our freedom and democracy is to survive.

You could say that what is right for one is not right for the other, but what is right is protecting our democracy and freedom. That's the right path.

(Tom Ciardullo is a resident of Golden Valley.)

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