Rants and Raves | August 28, 2022

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Gas prices – Until a store like Costco or Sam’s Club comes to Kingman gas prices will be high. Those stores give lower prices on gas to get people to join. These lower prices force other stations to lower price to compete.

17-year-old pilot breaks record; flies around the world alone in a lite plane – Bravo! What an amazing accomplishment at his age. And his sister also. And the parents must be congratulated! Kind of makes one ashamed of what they were doing at 17; screaming at Elvis movies and eating burgers and fries.

Sheriff Schuster blasts release of alleged human trafficker – I stand with Doug Schuster on this issue. Releasing a human trafficker because the Border Patrol wouldn’t place him on an immigration hold is criminal. Such new immigration policies are insane.

Kingman Man Accused of Molesting a Child – Anyone found guilty of sexually molesting a child should get the death penalty.

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