Rants and Raves | Dec. 9, 2022

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Response to Kaite Hobbs rant – Governor-elect Katie Hobbs hasn’t even been sworn in yet and you’re saying she’ll be one of the worst? Republicans, give it a rest. One thing you got right is Kari Lake lost, as did other Republicans she’s suing claiming fraud.

We have seen what happens the last couple of years when Biden and the Democrats ignore the Constitution. We don’t need a past-President spouting the same BS. It is not right for Biden and his ilk to do it and it wouldn’t be right for Trump to do it. We have much better Republican candidates for 1924.

I don’t think we need someone from Oregon telling us how to enforce laws when for two-plus years they sat around and watched Portland get looted, burned and destroyed by Antifa and BLM terrorists and did nothing.

When you have socialized medicine the only way to save money is to ration care. Delay, deny, die, and dead people cost no money. When your primary provider retires and the person they assign you can’t see you for 10 months that’s about as delayed as you can get. Way to go.

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