Letter | Media misses the point on Harry and Megan

There is a larger story the media is missing in the Harry and Megan saga.

On the surface, the tension appears to be between a celebrity couple seeking more privacy, and a British press with other ideas.

The British press’ idea of privacy is very simple.

“We pay. They pose.” The royals get public funding, so if a royal couple fails to provide sufficient access, the press asserts a right to whatever salacious speculation they want to drum up.

The monarchy’s view of the matter is equally simple: “Never complain, never explain.”

They must show the tabloids some skin but must never expose any stress or faction inside the perpetual institution. Harry and his mother complained about the ridiculous rules of collusion required by this illegitimate government system, and Megan did as well.

The royals only expose their clothing, their smiles and waves, their jewelry and military medals, their horses and palace walls, and their iridescent specialness, never the deep dynastic dishonesty and corruption within that creepy facade. That works for reporters, who only care to make bank by reporting surface matters and appearances.

Fortunately, our American ancestors abhorred the system of European kingship and required their Presidents to never stay in high public office beyond one or two terms, and to disclose every important detail of their political lives to public view and criticism. It’s called democracy.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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