Rants and Raves | Dec. 28, 2022

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Pat Tillman was a player on the Arizona Cards and left the NFL to return to military service. He was killed in action. No one wants to know that. I want to see the City of Kingman name a street in his honor. I have written to the mayor and if you have a free moment, would appreciate your support on this cause.

Zelenskyy will address Congress as war rages on – I listened carefully. We’ve now given Ukraine, a very corrupt country where Biden had his son involved, a country which made millions for the Biden family, billions of dollars to keep Russia out, but our borders remain wide open to the world. It’s complete insanity.

Kari Lake is such an embarrassment to Arizona and that’s what’s wrong with these far-right Republicans. They have no moral compass. You lost the election, so concede and move on with your life.

They’re not migrants, they’re illegals. We all know that. Few qualify for amnesty. We all know that, too. They came because in Biden’s first weeks in office, he invited them to break our laws. They even wore Biden T-shirts.

Most of what you’re hearing about Jan. 6 is untrue. The information you hear is one-sided and biased. There has been no rebuttal from any other party. The Republicans were not allowed to refute, nor were they even allowed to be there. How fair is that?

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