Rants and Raves | Jan. 1, 2023

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I just received a doctor‘s bill today (12–29) that was performed on Oct. 7, 2021 from Kingman Regional Medical Center. I’m so agitated by the lack of help and being passed on to the next person.

The horrendous violence in Guatemala is caused by their cocaine cartels. So Joe Biden’s plan? Open the border to them? Many in the U.S. know no peace from their cocaine addictions. Women become pregnant thinking it secures citizenship. It doesn’t. Close the border.

Did Jantzen consider everything? I don’t think so. Recall last Arizona election; video of boxes of ballots brought in after hours, etc? It’s past time to take a very good look at how Arizona is being run. Something stinks!

Good Lord – We don’t need camps built for people here illegally. We need the border closed – you know Andy, like our founding documents say. One percent qualify for amnesty. They’ve already taken over Fort Bliss and other U.S. military bases.

Rest up Joe. You’ll need all the energy you can gather because in a few short days, the new Republican House is going to chew you and your son up in little bits. The sooner the better. It’s payback time.

I guess Al Gore started it back in 2000, but I am sick of hearing people whining about losing elections. From Gore to Trump, Abrams, Lake, etc, etc. If you have proof, then show it and let’s move on. If you don’t have proof then shut up, take your loss and do better next time or maybe the voters just don’t want you.

Complaint about Jan. hearing – All of it is true based on video, emails, transcripts and 1interviews. People testified in person. The Jan. 6 people came prepared, aided and abetted by many politicians. Trump tried to overthrow the government. Grow up.

I am appalled by the world today. I have always been a fan of Criminal Minds and am truly sad to see how it has changed. Now it has the characters using the “F” word and showing same sex love affairs.

Katie Hobbs is an embarrassment to Arizona and to the country. She speaks with the political intelligence of a 12–year–old. Shame on Arizona.

Trying to digest this ridiculous, outrageous waste of money is mind-blowing. Why multiple millions for LGBTQ “Pride Centers” everywhere? As a Christian whose Bible forbids homosexuality, this Bible our country was actually founded on, I want my money back.

This man is out on bond in days but some Jan. 6 people who did absolutely nothing wrong have been in prison two years, denied lawyers and some put in solitary the first 12 months, something usually reserved for murderers.

It’s impact on the environment? Are they kidding? A stationery wall against thousands of illegals, here illegally? Leaving debris, human feces, fentanyl and sometimes bodies? On the way out, Ducey’s become a wimp.

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