Rants and Raves | Feb. 9, 2022

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Arizona House votes to ban Critical Race Theory in schools – Critical Race Theory is a college graduate level course. It’s not taught in public schools anywhere! This is an attempt to actually ban the teaching of real American history, whenever it “offends” white Christian nationalists!

From homeless to heroes: Mohave County Animal Shelter dogs tackle a new job – What a great story! Good for Mohave County Animal Shelter and good for first responders! These dogs are currently going to California. Could Kingman use one of these great dogs?

From homeless to heroes: Mohave County Animal Shelter dogs tackle a new job – Kudos to a wonderful program! These dogs always had hero capability. All they needed was a chance and some patience. Rescue dogs rock!

Kingman adopts electric scooter rental pilot program – I will bet 10 cents – the amount the city gets for a rental – that half of them end up being used on the sidewalks.

Bag the flags – How embarrassing is it that tourists driving Route 66 see the disgusting display of anti-Biden and pro-Trump flags being sold by an individual on the corner of Stockton Hill Road and Route 66. It is a disgrace to our town!

Anti-Biden flags – Why do so many people in Kingman want other people to have improper sexual relations with Joe Biden? I thought they didn’t like him. They find that old man sexy enough to recommend fornication with him to the neighbors? Please explain?

Patrick McBrayer letter: Rally planned – You all are welcome to rally all you want; all the way to the ICU! It’s sad that you want to take your family members and friends with you. Truckers smart enough to get vaccinated will still be on the job!

New Farmers’ market in Kingman – Best wishes to Ms. Shaw in this endeavor at Beale Celebrations. Many of us still remember the days when this building was Penney’s, next door was Bessie Bordons, across the street was Alex’s Toggery and the State Theatre. How we miss those stores.

Kingman adopts electric scooter rental pilot program – This is crazy. I see potential liability issues resulting from rental scooters operating on the roadway.

Plan to gun down feral cattle spurs concern among Arizona ranchers – USDA Wildlife Services is hard to understand. I’m aware they use aerial shooting to kill coyotes, even if that leaves coyote cubs motherless. How about just hiring a couple of qualified men to take care of feral cattle?

Rants and Raves section – America is on the road of extremism. History shows that extremism, right or left, leads to ruin. We must rapidly change course and move away from the extremists. If not, we will all lose the country we love.

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