Rants and Raves | Feb. 11, 2022

Let us know what’s on your mind in 40 words or less. Submit Rants and Raves at kdminer.com/rants-and-raves or email editorial@kdminer.com. If your rant/rave is about a specific story please mention the headline. Rants and raves must be original; not plagiarized. We receive many more rants and raves than we can print. Local rants and raves are preferred.

Kingman adopts electric scooter rental program - Electric scooters are not necessary in Kingman. Let’s focus on cleaning up Kingman, improving the quality of life, and attracting new businesses that matter.

Mohave County might divide $8.2M among residents of District 5 - So, rabid-right Mohave County Supervisor Ron Gould wants to give $165 stimulus money to folks in his district, but not the rest of us. He must be desperate for votes? I hope he loses by a landslide.

Kingman Miner’s rants and raves section rant – I couldn’t agree more with the writer’s comments on America heading towards extremism which has gotten worse over the past years and has definitely gotten worse recently by the constant rhetoric of one person. Need I say more.

Anti-Biden flags rant – “Why do so many people in Kingman want other people to have improper sexual relations with Joe Biden?” This wins my personal “BEST RANT EVER” Award. Or is it a RAVE?

Arizona House votes to ban critical race theory in schools – Let the book burning begin.

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