Rants and Raves | Feb. 23, 2022

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Kingman entrepreneur receives award - Glad to see Krystal Burge getting the recognition she deserves. She is one of the kindest people you will ever meet besides being very invested in the community.

Kingman entrepreneur receives award - Congratulations, Krystal Burge, and thank you for all you do.

Mohave County receives federal money for non-profits - Thank you, President Biden! GOP legislators in Congress who did not vote for this assistance are attempting to claim they are responsible around the country. Don’t be fooled!

COVID-19 claims lives of 20 more Mohave County residents - Are infections really going down, or are more people testing with home tests, leading to low documentation of cases? The death toll is tragic and for many, unnecessary. Get vaccinated and mask in close quarters to save lives.

To all the veterans with “F--- The President” flags, proudly flying. I, a 30-year retired veteran, thank you for your service, and apologize for failing you in character building.

Our border with Mexico teems with contradictions - The number of children deserted along the way by illegal parents coming is stunning. Child abuse. No worries; Joe’s open borders policy is his greatest success. Keep pushing dumping voter ID. Result, millions of new illegal Democrat voters. Carefully planned!

Kingman City Council repeals ordinance for motorized ‘play vehicles’ as concerns persist - Not sure the scooters are a good idea. The distance from the Powerhouse to the electrical museum is less than a mile. Instead of focusing on changing city ordinances for scooters, why isn’t our city focusing on improving our roads?

Baptisms by Arizona priest may be invalid - How ridiculous! God knows the priest’s heart and his simple, unintended error. Christianity is about God’s love for us, and our love for others. My husband raised the wrong hand when getting our marriage license. Was our marriage illegal? Not even.

Red for Ed did a great job helping teachers but left the support staff empty-handed. Support staff stood by teachers and now work at or near minimum wage. When do they get support?

Michael Reagan column: The State of the Union - Actually, the state of the union is strong. Unemployment down, job growth amazing, COVID cases coming down. Presidents can’t control inflation in free Capitalist economies. While other countries are failing, due to pandemic, Biden has done us darn well!

US Border Patrol chief faces challenges from within and without - Magnus is obviously not the one for this job. It’s so simple. Trump took control of the border, had great relationship with Mexico and everything concerning the border was the best in years. Enter “y’all come” Biden and it’s destroyed.

Driveway paving - Apparently these people are oblivious to the financial hardships this will place on families already affected by the pandemic and it’s aftermath. I’d like to find out how much the fines will be for property owners that cannot afford this.

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