Rants and Raves | Feb. 25, 2022

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KCA Gallery “Time: Past, Present, Future” is proof that art is for all ages and seasons. Come support all the artists and enjoy this highly creative and wonderful show. Feb. 26 is the last day to see this show.

People’s Convoy truckers overnighting in Kingman – Nearly half of all state mandates have been lifted and the rest will follow shortly. These truckers should go back to work instead of disrupting their lives and wasting gas money. Ninety percent of truckers are vaccinated and don’t care about this.

COVID–19 claims lives of 20 Mohave County residents – Another 20 deaths in our county yet still a majority of Kingman locals are screaming “freedom of choice” regarding masks. The 900,000 deaths don’t matter; just their choice. But wait, then why aren’t they all pro-choice? The hypocrisy is appalling.

Coasting vehicles – Sidewalks are for walking. I remember when skateboards were used on sidewalks. For me anyone walking on a sidewalk that is hurt by a mode of transportation other than walking should sue the person, the mode and the city.

Regarding COVID reports – Limiting COVID reports will not stop the infections or the deaths. Do the county and state officials who so desperately want to pretend COVID is over think people will not notice when they and family members get sick and die?

Regarding Ukraine crisis – I stand with our president and our allies around the globe on not letting Putin steal an independent country. We have seen this before. It’s time for Americans to get a grip and pull together for democracy and real freedom.

Rents reach insane levels – Yes, rents are at insane levels, housing prices too, but it’s not the president’s fault or Democrats or Republicans; it is greed and price gouging that is killing the American dream. Capitalism without ethics or conscience can create extreme inequities!

GOP Senate passes 15-week abortion ban - Hey, Democrats. It is you and Roe v Wade that are wrong. Show me anywhere in any founding document where you have the right to slaughter your own unborn child. It’s Satanic; it’s not there. Roe knew she got duped.

J’aime Morgaine Community View: Election integrity is the most important political conversation – Good letter by J’aime Morgaine. And she is right. Read the legislation yourself. Election integrity should be for all of us – not any one party! Bear that in mind!

GOP-led Arizona Senate approves huge school voucher expansion – Opponents to vouchers claim the program will reduce funding to public schools. That’s the best indication public schools are failing and justifies expanding vouchers to all students and schools. Public schools can respond by improving and becoming responsive to parents.

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