Rants and Raves | Feb. 27, 2022

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A wet paper is better than another single-use plastic bag blowing in the wind.

Anti-mining coalition marches against lithium mining near Wikieup – Thank you, protesters, for fighting for clean water and protecting the health of residents. You are the heart of America. I hope our legislators will listen. They may be too busy to listen, being courted by mining industry.

Anti-mining coalition marches against lithium mining near Wikieup – This country needs mining, period. This particular mineral is necessary to curb global warming. A few selfish protesters should be ignored. Arizona mining provides jobs, taxes and benefits to all of mankind. This remote area is a perfect location.

The People’s Convoy - So the truckers are headed to Washington to protest and Nancy has erected fencing around the Capitol. Wasn’t too long ago that Nancy said fences were immoral. What a gal!

The People’s Convoy - It appears there were far more locals at the Golden Valley shindig than actual truckers.

The People’s Convoy - There should be a convoy to thank scientists and medical care staff for saving lives during the pandemic, which is winding down, thanks to the mask-wearers and hand-washers. You are the heroes. You are patriotic.

Kingman City Council wheels out ideas on coasting vehicles - It is amusing to watch council members go through gyrations and twist themselves like pretzels to change an ordinance that was working in order to do what they want to do. It has nothing to do with being fair.

J’aime Morgaine’s Community View: Election integrity is the most important political conversation - Election integrity is essential and we are fortunate to have it in America. The most important conversation should be about candidate integrity. We need to find and elect candidates with the integrity to place country over party and self.

Russia-Ukraine: What to know as Russia attacks Ukraine – NOW is the time to put childish political and ideological differences aside and stand together as Americans with our president and our allies around the world against this horrific attack on a sovereign nation that is a budding democracy!

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