Rants and Raves | Jan. 5, 2022

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The mask really saved his life – Friends, please put on a mask. It saves lives. Yesterday a friend of mine went out with his girlfriend and on the way passed by his wife and she did not recognize him.

As 2021 closes, retail sales are up, job growth up, wages up, unemployment down, and the poverty level lowest in year. This despite a global pandemic and many natural disasters! Thanks to President Biden and his competent and compassionate administration!

To those who accuse all movie critics of being in bed with corporations and elites for simply giving negative reviews of “Don’t Look Up,” you’re indulging in silly conspiracies of your own while wagging your fingers at silly QAnon conspiracies.

What does this country want to be? Government handouts come with a price. Just look, masks are still mandatory at all medical facilities. The federal government can’t mandate medical decisions, but they can twist the arms of businesses.

Why is the state of Arizona suddenly reporting COVID cases instead of Mohave County? We are concerned as to this new development. How can the state now report with the same frequency and accuracy as the County? (Editor’s note: The county, by order of the board of supervisors, now only reports COVID statistics on Mondays and Thursday. The county reports used to be daily before being reduced to six times per week, then three times per week, then twice a week.)

Betty White, TV’s golden girl, dies at 99 – I first fell in love with Betty White in 1957. We didn’t have a TV yet so I walked to my aunt’s house once a week to see “Date With the Angels” starring Betty White and became a life-long fan. RIP!

There will no longer be any “affordable rentals” in Kingman. Our city council has over-promoted visitors relocating to Kingman for years. Well, guess what, this has resulted in mass relocation from all states, driving up housing and rental costs.

Even though stressed with overwork and insufficient support, medical professionals are providing an outstanding level of care during this pandemic. They deserve all the recognition and assistance the county can offer. They’re true heroes.

Notice there is only one party wanting to tighten election laws – the one that lost the last election and has nothing to offer voters except grievance and fear! This is a partisan attempt to steal our votes.

State Legislature tries to trim powers of government during emergencies – When emergencies occur, that is precisely when people need all the help they can access! Mark Finchem wants to burden the state and local authorities with full responsibility for response to catastrophic disasters and global pandemics? A fool’s errand indeed!

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