Rants and Raves | Jan. 12, 2022

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City Council briefed on code enforcement – Taking the nice approach isn’t working Rusty Cooper. There’s several streets in the Kingman Airport tract that are starting to look like RV storage facilities. RVs are parked illegally in front yards and scattered throughout the neighborhood on dirt lots.

‘It just keeps coming:’ KRMC workers suffer from COVID fatigue – Again, we are faced with the indisputable truth. A lot of Kingman residents are thoughtless and inconsiderate. A neighbor told me “there is no scientific proof that masks work.” Excuse me! Experts have said since the beginning of COVID to wear them.

Biden warns of U.S. peril at Trump’s “dagger at democracy” – First, total lie that five people died. A Capitol guard shot an unarmed woman dead and went scot-free. This speech, of course, was not written by Biden. It’s all the poor lying Dems have before Republicans oust them next fall.

Have you heard about the fully vaccinated getting the omicron coronavirus variant? If not maybe you are listening to the wrong news source. (Editor’s note: The vaccination and booster helps avoid serious cases for those who experience break-through cases.)

I would like to thank whomever delivered my paper this morning for hiding it under my car. Not a way to make points with me!

Ruth Copeland letter to the editor: Great start to the holidays - In spite of nearly all products in Walmart being from China, the local Walmart employees routinely go above and beyond what’s required to help us customers, and usually with a smile. Incidentally, the store also carries Ball jars made in the U.S.A.

KRMC dealing with COVID – Finally, we hear from the health-care professionals at Kingman Regional Medical Center that have had to bear the brunt of this pandemic. Those that believe the lies and junk science, including many of our elected officials, are endangering us all. This must stop.

‘A lot of Karens in this town’ rant – I’d rather be a Karen than a Nancy. Pelosi that is, in case you didn’t get it. Sounds like Phoenix or Tucson would suit you better.

Don Martin outdoors columns – Really? You need to continue to show photos of youngsters and their dads proudly showing off the first kill? Disgusting! I am sure it was done only to feed the family, right?

‘It just keeps coming:’ KRMC workers suffer from COVID fatigue – Blessings to these poor workers. I was in the hospital here where I caught the virus. Two of my completely vaccinated grown children both got the virus after the vaccinations - and were horribly sick. The answer? Use the therapeutics.

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