Rants and Raves | Jan. 16, 2022

Let us know what’s on your mind in 40 words or less. Submit Rants and Raves at kdminer.com/rants-and-raves or email editorial@kdminer.com. If your rant/rave is about a specific story please mention the headline. Rants and raves must be original; not plagiarized. We receive many more rants and raves than we can print. Local rants and raves are preferred.

I love a great yard sale but my biggest peeve is people who have garage/yard sales and then don’t take down their signs or boxes after the sale. Old boxes and signs litter our street corners. I feel there should be a fine implemented to those who do not take down their old signs. Let’s keep Kingman free of old yard sale signs.

Martha Mapp letter: Where’s the mask? – Thanks for your input Martha. We look forward to you never coming to Kingman again.

Andy Worth letter: Thank you, Mr. President – The president has nothing to do with raises in Social Security each year. By law passed in the early 1970s Social Security yearly raises are based on the consumer price index. Don’t thank the president; thank the congressman back in the 1970s.

Andy Worth letter: Thank you, Mr. President – The President has no say on Social Security increases. They’re mandated by law. Except, as in this case, he is the leader at a time of uncontrolled inflation. You got 5.2%! The December 2021 inflation rate was 7%! Screwed again!

U.S. Senate hopeful Blake Masters speaks to Conservative Republican Club of Kingman – Blake Masters has been bankrolled by billionaire Peter Thiel to the tune of $10 million to run for U.S. Senate. That’s all you need to know. These billionaires aren’t done trying to destroy our democracy.

KRMC struggles with misinformation and staff shortages – Great writing by reporter MacKenzie Dexter and satisfying honesty by Kingman Regional Medical Center staff. We citizens can’t leave our brains on the shelf and follow so-called “experts.” We must individually look at the facts and figure things out.

Curb appeal rave praising City of Kingman for mowing along interchanges – Really! You’re excited about the shoulders of the roads in Kingman when the streets below your feet are falling apart from lack of maintenance.

Michael Reagan column: Biden plays the insurrection day card – Anyone notice, not one of the hundreds being held by Biden’s DOJ was charged with insurrection. Until, this week, under Senate questioning, they had to admit no insurrection charges. One day later, suddenly sedition charges started coming. No coincidence.

Have you heard that the fully vaccinated are only having minor symptoms from getting the omicron variant while the unvaccinated are more likely to be hospitalized or worse yet die from getting COVID-19?

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