Diet tip: Preparation and consistency are key

Eunice Mesick

Eunice Mesick

Did you spend time thinking about things that you would like to accomplish in 2022? Hi, this is Eunice from Diet Center.

If weight loss is one of those, here are two things for you to incorporate: preparation and consistency.

Take time to pre-portion foods. The time it will take can save you hassle, frustration, or extra calories it may cost you when you’re in a hurry to satisfy your hunger.

At times it’s easier to tell yourself that you don’t have the time or patience to measure out three-quarters of a cup of blueberries, 12 cherries, 1 cup of carrot sticks or 3 ounces of protein. You can save yourself time and energy by pre-portioning such items in plastic sandwich or snack bags ahead of time. It doesn’t take long to do this.

You can measure your portions out of a bag of carrot sticks, a basket of strawberries or a bag of cherries and place them in plastic bags. So, whenever you want fruit as a snack or dessert, you can just grab a bag out of the fridge. Pre-portioning Melba toast or popcorn will help keep you in control if you tend to eat out of the bag. Pre-portioning meat or poultry into freezer bags will make things very convenient when it is time to cook. This is particularly helpful for those cooking for one, so that there are no leftovers to be tempted by, or that will go to waste. You may find it most convenient to do so after getting back from the grocery store.

Consistency is crucial with anything new that we are trying to incorporate into our lives. Take exercise for example. It generally takes three to four weeks to make a habit. With a new exercise routine, a month can help make it easier to incorporate it into our lifestyle. Habits are formed with repetition. Most activities take about 30 days of repetition until they become habitual. Set a goal to participate in 10 minutes of physical activity three to five days a week for at least a month. Once 10 minutes of activity fits comfortably in your schedule, you can add 10 more minutes a day for at least a month. This is a good approach to add physical activity in until you meet the guidelines of averaging 30 to 60 minutes per day.

Working to develop a new habit may take time but you’ll find it easier to maintain as part of your lifestyle. It should become as routine as brushing your teeth, showering, eating balanced meals and other activities that involve taking care of your body. Short-term goals can help you form a healthy, calorie-burning habit for a lifetime!

Thanks for reading Diet Center’s tip of the week. If you haven’t been as successful with weight loss as you would like, call Diet Center at 928-753-5066 or stop by 1848 Hope Ave. in Kingman.

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