Rants and Raves | Jan. 23, 2022

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Rants and Raves – Until we quit berating people with our ignorant Rants and Raves responses, and we get our vaccination rate up to an adult level, Kingman Miner should not let our ignorance be spewed out in print for everyone to see through Rants and Raves.

Anti-hunters go back to California rant – California bashing is so lame, so ignorant, so Kingman.

Anti-hunters go back to California rant – Do you have to put the dead animal on the front page of the newspaper? It is still America so we can have a different opinion about hunting and live in any state we want to.

Anti-hunters go back to California rant – Well, Mr. Hunter, there are a lot more hunters in California than Arizona and a lot more Republicans (GOP not Q), too. Go back to educating yourself, Mr. Hunter.

Kingman experiences 1,527 new COVID cases and nine deaths in a five-day period – And that’s just Kingman, not the entire county! Please get vaccinated, boosted and wear a mask. Avoid large indoor gatherings. Be a patriot and a good neighbor! If you truly want things to go back to “normal,” do your part.

Biden to give away 400 million N95 masks starting next week – This “administration” likes to throw around the words “free” and “give away” way too much. Nothing is free. Biden isn’t paying for all this “free” stuff, the taxpayers are. And I’m sick of it!

Ask a Republican – It’s past time to ask the Republicans not what they’re against but what are they for? Are you for lower drug prices? Child care for hungry children? Lower health-care costs? Free and fair elections?

A holiday made in Kingman – Wow! What a wonderful thing to do for this family. Thank you all who helped this veteran get her children not only home to Kingman but provided so much more. Way to go, Kingmanites!

Sanders says he may back Manchin, Sinema opponents – Wow! Bet they’re really shaking in their boots.

Board of Supervisors unanimously opposed to Mohave County’s inclusion in Mexican Wolf Experimental Protection Area – I am opposed to the inclusion of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors in a Supervisors’ Experimental Protection Area.

What happened to Americans that we can’t be civil to each other. In the past when your candidate lost we came together. Now we have degrading and unpatriotic flags flying about the current president. It’s shameful.

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