Rants and Raves | Jan. 28, 2022

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A big thank you – I would like to thank the person who found my $60 that I left in the self-service check out machine in Safeway, on Friday, Jan. 21, 2022. It’s wonderful to know that there are still people who are honest. Thank you, again and God bless!

Ex-U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake begins post as new ambassador to Turkey – I’m thrilled to have Flake as our ambassador to Turkey. It gets him out of Arizona. Hopefully he will like it enough to stay forever where he can do less harm to Arizona and America.

Rants about downtown murals – I’ll take downtown murals over the “God Bless Trump” 2020 window paintings at a certain business and profane flags. Locals don’t want to see this and tourists think we’re all MAGA nuts.

Planning Commission on driveways – Just ban leaf blowers. That will help the dust and pollution problems.

Barking dogs rant – Hunting season for nonstop barking dogs and stray cats? Or enforceable laws?

Michael Reagan column: Pitching Softballs to Joe Biden – Do you recall Biden stating if anyone treats reporters, etc., badly, they will be instantly fired? Compare that to the terrible remarks Biden’s recently made himself like calling Peter Doocy a “dumb son of a bitch.” Biden’s own words. Fire Biden, now.

Kingman City Council briefed on potential revenue sources, including sales and property taxes – Why would the residents of Kingman want to pay the full tab with a property tax. A sales tax captures close to 40% of its revenue from tourist and traffic from the freeways. Sales tax gets my vote.

Workforce housing apartments in the works – A pool that size for a 400 unit where summers get up to 113 degrees? At what point in time will it ever look like that? Sharecroppers’ shacks never look good for very long. It will close in one week.

Mohave County logs 271 COVID cases – My doctor left town, so instead of assigning a new one they insisted I go to immediate care to re-up my meds where they inadvertently put me in their “COVID” room. Oops! No wonder the numbers are high. Quarantining again!

Anti-hunter go back to California rant – California anti-hunters. Most of the people in California came from other states. They turned a really great state to crap. Why would you move away from the mess you made and try to do it again. Go back!

If you sought world domination by creating a weapon that would instill fear, decrease the population, eliminate the unproductive, the old, the obese, the infirm, coincidentally causing economic distress but leave infrastructure intact, you would create COVID-19.

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