Rants and Raves | Jan. 30, 2022

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Anyone who condones defecation and urination in our great Capitol building, or the hanging of Mike Pence, certainly does not deserve to live in the United States.

Biden: First Black woman on high court “long overdue” – Mr. Biden, the Supreme Court has already declared race/gender conditions for nominees are strictly unconstitutional. In one fell swoop, Biden, who cares little about our country and its laws, has dumped equal consideration by saying he’ll only nomiate a Black woman. Hello, Jim Crow. One more death blow.

Holocaust book “Maus” banned in Tennessee school district – Banning this book, and others, is an example of the current attempt to rewrite history to not offend those who think their children should never learn the truth about “unpleasant” events in history. What a dangerous disservice to our children!

“If you sought world domination by creating a weapon that would instill fear, . . you would create COVID-19” rant – Now please explain who is dominating the world using COVID, or are you just another conspiracy theory whack job?

Rants and Raves is toxic! Just displaying to the local batch of sick humanity this earthly situation is messed up! Have mercy on us. Sell your rag using facts, not opinions!

Screw you, Miner! You’re a minuscule Tucker Carlson stoking division to make a dime!

Workforce housing apartments in the works – Hopefully this will not end up being Section 8 housing for illegals.

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