Rants and Raves | July 3, 2022

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AZ abortion providers halt procedures – These backward Draconian legislators have made a serious mistake, one that will negatively affect every family in Arizona before these laws are repealed. This is less about life, and more about control and forcing religious fanaticism on women.

Roe v. Wade – “The closest abortion provider is in Las Vegas.” So, continued local access in Mohave County is not a concern. Abortion is not a ‘”Right.” All this decision does is put the choice back in the hands of the state voters.

Butler trash – Mohave County government, please help. Butler area is drowning in garbage. Stinking, rodent-filled, fly-infested, eyesore, unhealthy, unsanitary. Time to do something. Any help appreciated, any help at all.

To clean up Butler will take charity and government grants. A lot of bad houses are elderly without resources for home improvements. It will have to be a community effort with some people willing to donate money, time, skills and labor. Let’s do it!

Pavement preservation – I would be satisfied if the City of Kingman would just fill the potholes. I dread the “chip and seal” because the gravel is left indefinitely for Kingman residents to “steam roll” with our cars.

Families swarming food bank – “Persons age 23 to 35 make up about a quarter of all customers.” Isn’t that prime working age? Are there no more jobs? I live at well below poverty level, retired and can’t physically work and still, I feed myself.

Barking dogs rant – Many dog owners correct their dog on my daily walk. However, there are inconsiderate dog owners that do let their dog bark, growl and lunge at the fence. And some fences can hardly stand up to wind, let alone a dog.

School vouchers – Well, the rich and politically connected have finally found a way to have private schools while the rest of us pay for them.

Food bank – The dedicated employees and volunteers work vigilantly to assist. There’s a lot behind the scenes most don’t see. There’s so much to prep to deliver the best for our community. Thank the wonderful souls who make it work, You guys are amazing!

AZ Legislature takes steps to address water woes – I think one or more pipelines from the Mississippi River to the desert southwest is a viable idea. Helps solve the flooding problem out there, too. Get the Army Corps of Engineers on it.

Updated Mohave County animal ordinance takes effect July 1 – If it’s a misdemeanor to water or feed open range livestock, does that mean it is now the owner’s responsibility to keep their animals off my property where they have been ravaging my garden and draining the birdbath?

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