Rants and Raves | July 6, 2022

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Kingman City Council to ponder sales tax – Biden is pondering a sales tax relief on gas. What does Kingman do? Increase gas prices through taxation. What tourists? No one can afford to go anywhere. Gas is already cheaper in Bullhead City. Why would tourists gas up here?

Roe v. Wade vigil highlights decision’s impact on Mohave County – OK, so the people who spoke up said abortion saves lives, but both bills give exception if the mother’s life is in danger. So what is the problem? Unless it’s just for birth control?

Mohave County animal ordinance – Now there is a perfect example of an ordinance not well thought through. So I can be charged when cattle trespass on MY property and eat MY grass and drink water I have out for MY animals!!

Jack Alexander letter: Thunder–Rode and local merchants violated again – The perpetrators who took Mr. Alexander’s sign must stop these acts as the law will come down on you. We know his sign and other signs around town are designed to express their free thoughts and to provoke others.

Public schools are what made this country. By stripping the money from public schools to charter, religious and other types of schools is not the answer to a better education for our children. Parent involvement is.

Griner to Biden: ‘Please do all you can to bring us home’ – America-hater Brittney Griner now begs America-hater Joe Biden to get her out of Russia and back to the land she hates. She got there on her own (for $1 million), she can get back on her own.

J’aime Morgaine op-ed: Local primaries lack competition – Unbelievable. Democrats run an ad urging party members to steal the Republican primary election by changing parties for the primary. No surprise Americans believe the 2020 election was stolen. Biden/Harris won? HA! A leopard cannot change its spots.

Mohave County District 5: Stimulus checks coming – (Mohave County Supervisor) Ron Gould is the perfect politician, buying your vote with your own money. What? Isn’t that what politicians are supposed to do? This money was meant to stimulate regrowth so everyone benefits, not buy his constituents a six pack to celebrate him getting elected.

Court Backs Coach Who Prays After Games – THIS is NOT freedom of religion –this is granting someone the right to force their religion on others! A gross violation of the separation between church.

Court Backs Coach Who Prays After Games – Oh my! What a terrible thing; a praying coach. Can we survive that? Let’s see, we have kindergartens bringing in drag queens, gay parades with nude men (Pride Month), 61 million abortions, everything imaginable coming across our border. But praying?

Butler trash – County officials need to clean up the trash, and enforce with fines and penalties. Spend some stimulus money on dumpsters!

Rant about livestock in bird bath – Keeping livestock off private property has always been the duty of the landowner. If the cows eat your yard, it’s your fault.

School lunch program receives reprieve – Wonderful news! This is a much-needed boost for struggling young families! As for the naysayers, don’t be calling yourselves “pro-life” if you don’t want to feed children already born.

Farms emptying the aquifer – If we don’t stop farms from pumping out the aquifer, we will all suffer the consequences. This is a desert in a drought. Get a clue!

How to display Old Glory properly – Thank you, thank you, thank you. I learned things here I should have learned 60 years ago, and didn’t. Never too late to get it right. Your article is very much appreciated and apparently very much needed in our town.

Fairgrounds Committee outlines wish list – Moving the fairgrounds is a great idea! But the committee might be correct about the acreage of the new site. We should get all we can up to a section of land (660 acres) so we can combine motor sports, rodeos and other events.

Michael Reagan: The sad descent of Disney ­– I cry to see what happened to Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael. What a right-wing extremist hack. His dad is turning in his grave at this son’s failure to have any sense of integrity!

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