Rants and Raves | July 8, 2022

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Jack Alexander letter: Thunder-Rode and local merchants violated again – That’s terrible! Hope everyone runs down to your place and makes a purchase. Meanwhile, do you have cameras around so you could perhaps catch them?

Mohave County Supervisors appoint new public health director – Thank you to Denise Burley for the great job she did as our public health director despite opposition and resistance to science and reality by some of our county supervisors and residents.

Here we go again – Such insanity. First, someone who is out to shoot a bunch of people doesn’t give a damn about his age, type of gun, etc. Guns aren’t the problem. It’s the people behind them combined with our country’s “throwing-God-out crisis.”

So the water wells won’t run dry – Mohave County Supervisors, keep up the good work on protecting our water supply.

Genetic issue abortion ban – This law (which criminalizes performing an abortion when a genetic issue like Down’s Syndrome is detected) should be aborted. While caring for a special needs child can be rewarding, not every woman is equipped to do so.

Trump endorses GOP rival to Rusty Bowers – I’m with Rusty, and the Constitution and democracy he protected.

To the Kingmanite telling the homeless to move to another town if they want more services – If the water in Kingman starts running out because of all the farmers sucking it out of the aquifer, don’t complain and expect politicians here to help you. Just move out of Kingman to a town with more water.

Tiny shacks for veterans – Why not a modern-day standard home? Tiny is certainly the operative word here. Veterans have earned the best this nation has to offer, not just the crumbs.

Too many polluting vehicles in Kingman – So many vehicles in this growing town spewing pollution like crazy. Kingmanites may not want to pay to have their vehicles smogged and fixed, but the rest of us have a right not to breathe in all the fumes.

Post-Roe, states struggle with abortion bans – Reviving a 121-year-old law restricting women’s reproductive rights? That law was in effect before women were allowed to vote! Ladies. wake up! And men need to pay attention, too. This is invasion of the very worst kind.

Post-Roe, states struggle with abortion bans – How can a female not on contraceptives who gets raped prevent pregnancy? How can a female who takes contraceptives that do not work, prevent pregnancy? These scenarios happen and the female who does not want the baby should have a choice.

Farms emptying the aquifer – It is not just the farms. Better look at all the businesses that use a lot of water in the day-to-day manufacturing, and pump from wells on private property.

Response to the criticism of the poor – “Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity nothing exceeds the criticisms made of habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed and well-fed.” – Herman Melville

I do not understand all the news coverage of Brittney Griner. She was in a foreign country and broke the law. Let her pay the price. A normal citizen would have to. Seems fame and money can buy anything.

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