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Another Fourth of July has come and gone. Thank you to every veteran, past or present, who has selflessly served in our military. You, above all others, are who I admire the most including those in my own family who served during WWII, Korea, Vietnam and in times of peace.

You United States military people have been a bigger force for good on this globe than any other force, all 41 million of you.

Sadly, fewer are joining the military these days. Small wonder when, as one of Barack Obama’s first acts as president, he went to Europe and denigrated our country, a country that had just elected it’s first black President. And now Biden does exactly the same.

And as white supremacy now supposedly reigns in our public school system, a couple of reminders. Five hundred thousand military personnel died during the Civil War, almost half of all who have died during wartime, to set slaves free.

And, while many in America are losing their love for this greatest nation on Earth; those coming here legally and illegally know – no doubt about it. We were and are still the greatest country on Earth. Thank you, God!

Linda Athens


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