Rants and Raves | July 13, 2022

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Griner pleads guilty – She went to Russia on her own for $1 million paycheck. She broke Russia’s law. She hates America. Leave her there. ALL America should do is say “hey will you send her back.” No taxpayer money should be spent on her.

Response to rants about Brittany Griner – This is NOT a clear case of breaking a law, it is political manipulation. Griner is being used cruelly as a pawn by Putin. To those of you who are willing to sacrifice her, shame on you!

Griner pleads guilty – President Biden has a heck of a lot bigger things to worry about than this. Would anyone care if this were some obscure rancher from Wyoming? I doubt it. Further, to trade her for a murderer/terrorist is even more insane.

Kingman Council puts sales tax on ballot – There’s no need for this. Just stop repairing pavement and grade all city streets except heavily traveled like Beale Street, Andy Devine Avenue and Stockton Hill Road. Dirt for the rest.

Post-Roe Rant – Sorry but killing a baby in the most heinous way is killing a baby no matter what year it was outlawed. Can’t you selfish people get over yourselves long enough to look at a baby being ripped to shreds? Demonic!

Thank you Supreme Court for helping this sad, fascist Republican party dedicated to taking away our rights. When are you people going to get it? Every women has lost their right to privacy and they’re coming for us all.

Ducey inks voucher plan – So the expanded voucher program will cause a massive exodus of students from the public school system? That means there is a lot of dissatisfaction on the part of students and parents. If the schools were good, they wouldn’t leave.

Wonder why there aren’t enough workers in Kingman’s various stores and restaurants, and why you’re waiting extra long in lines at an understocked, understaffed Walmart? Because people won’t work where they can’t find affordable housing which Kingman is severely lacking.

Too many polluting vehicles rant – Hard to believe when we have a steady 20 mph wind everyday? Sounds like he needs to move back to California and pay all those vehicle fees that he misses paying.

Are any laws being introduced to prevent politicians presenting a fake slate of electors again? They’re needed in case they again create a distraction about mail-in voting while they secretly try to steal the election with fake electors.

Voting and citizenship - No proof of citizenship, no vote, no driver’s license.

Gov. Ducey signs bill – Three-hundred and thirty-five million dollars for a border fence. Thank you, governor. I’m glad somebody cares.

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