Letter | Nothing to offer

First the Republicans demanded it was a hoax, then when the local DA charged a 27 year old with double rape of a 9 year old, they decided to go after the doctor that sent this poor girl out of state for a necessary abortion.

There is no limit to the evil of the Republican party yet millions think this is the way they want to be governed. They love AR15s until it's their school or grocery store that gets their family gunned down. What’s next, when they achieve a majority? Say goodbye to Social Security and Medicare and affordable health care under Obamacare. And they’ll never allow lower drug prices.

They have prevented Congress from passing any bills to help the general public as they don't care about the people of this country other than their billionaire owners who bought and paid for these politicians years ago. So go ahead and vote GOP to fast track your own poverty.

Ask yourself: What are the Republicans going to do for me and my loved ones to make our lives better? After eight years of total obstruction the answer is easy – nothing!

Andy Worth


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