Rants and Raves | July 24, 2022

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Thunder-Rode’s “Kung Flu Commie Virus Scamdemic Masks” sign stolen: I certainly don’t condone theft but that atrocious propaganda sign was a scar on our town and the first thing tourists saw entering downtown. It should’ve been removed by our city.

Arizona GOP censures Bowers – So after watching the Jan. 6 testimony from Trump’s administration, under oath, the Arizona GOP still believes the lie. These people are rotten to the core. God, please help this country.

Stop being lazy Kingmanites, and put the shopping carts you use back in their corrals when you are done with them so the intense Kingman winds don’t slam the carts into other people’s vehicles and ding them! Also, stop spitting in the parking lots!

Funeral held for Ivana Trump, former president in attendance – Trump and family/friends are a class act, including Melania. That all the Trump children and a former wife attended Ivana’s funeral to give comfort and love to Ivana and Donald’s three children says a lot. Trump is one impressive man.

Mohave County Supervisors scrap proposal to move fairgrounds – It is in the best interest of taxpayers to relocate the fairgrounds with the necessary land needed to make money. The county population is growing and Golden Valley was the ideal location by being closer to Lake Havasu and Bullhead cities.

Why is it that Kingman has highest gas prices compared to Bullhead City, Flagstaff and Sedona as well as Seligman? Our prices are higher yet we’re one of the poorest cities in Arizona. Smells fishy.

Arizona GOP censures Bowers – AZ GOP has censured Rusty Bowers for standing by his oath.

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