Rants and Raves | July 27, 2022

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Pine Peak Fire – I pray our firefighters be protected!

Monty Millermon letter: Dart them, don’t shoot them – I have to agree with Mr. Millermon. Our public servant protectors resort to killing a non-aggressive bear rather than darting it, is similar to an undisciplined individual who vehemently argues his point into the ground rather than use gentle pursuasion.

Monty Millermon letter: Dart them, Don’t shoot them – I’m with Monty. Dart them, don’t shoot them!

Young parents rant – I find parents treat their children as they were treated. If you want to help, (politely and privately) inform the parents. Don’t just complain about their ignorance.

We need a child-free club in Kingman rant – Then start one!

Fishy situation: Retired military plane placed in Lake Havasu – Hey, I’ve got an old RV I can donate to sink in Lake Havasu. Is this underwater museum for airplanes only? Sorry, Billy, we want bass with good taste, not bass that taste good. Hold on, I caught me another snag. Second diver today!

Dogs without leashes? I admit they are trained, but are these walkers aware of laws? Animals bite and lunge, owners are liable. Wake up!

Liz Cheney for first woman president! She’s been highly impressive and steadfast in her determination to hold Trump accountable for the damage and lies he’s responsible for. I’ve voted Democrat but both parties have lost their way. I’ll switch for the right candidate.

Mohave County Animal Shelter at capacity – Landlords could stop policies that are forcing people to surrender their pets or be homeless because they’re being forced to pay through the nose to keep animals. The housing crisis is one reason some are surrendering their animals. Have a heart!

Big juicy onion to the bank that tried to charge me for making change of two $100 bills. I was forced to take from their ATM.

Editorial cartoon in July 24 Miner – Totally inappropriate, regardless of who it is about. You’d never see something like this about Trump in this paper.

Jack Alexander letter: Thunder-Rode sign theft – Thunder-Rode is a privately owned business and has the right to freedom of speech. You have the right not to look at that sign. Anyone advocating government censorship is not supporting the First Amendment.

Arizona AG seeks another execution permit – Mark Brnovich, “Mr. Pro-life,” is seeking yet another execution permit? What a phony hypocrite! Brnovich appears to relish the power of taking life.

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