Letter | Democracy or Representative Republic?

In Christine Flowers’ column “From Rome on partisanship and populism,” she seems to think partisanship is to blame for our problems at home, and I’m sure that contributes. But, her idea that somehow government must compromise or else we fail is wrong.

We know Italy’s government fell due to its support of Ukraine. It collapsed their economy and the people are angry.

Compromise on some things is good and can work; but, most things cannot and should not be compromised. Compromise and pure democracy are basically “mob rule”.

I always like to think back on a model I learned to illustrate Democracy: “Two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.” Majority rules? Compromise? NO!

We have a representative republic. The wolves have a representative and the sheep have a representative. The vote is one to one. Nothing passes, which is “as intended by design.” This is how we protect the minorities.

I am much happier when government is at a stalemate, than when it is “progressing.” Government can only “progress” against the people. Just about every new law makes someone a criminal.

We need to be extremely careful to elect representatives who will not compromise on our needs and values. Otherwise, we truly will fail.

Robert Sayre


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