Letter | Protecting the border isn’t racist

Racists? One must admit that open borders is hardly the way to be fair, and keep terrorists and illegal drugs out. But here we have the Progressive Socialist Democrat Party once again playing the race card.

I don’t believe that most Americans would want people from anywhere flooding our country and some bringing with them illegal drugs to sell. We need control of who comes to the U.S. and have the ability to run a background check on every single one of them.

At one time I do believe the Progressive Socialist Democrat Party had every intention of allowing into this country every class of people who they hoped would vote Democrat. There are now millions of illegal aliens living in our country and no one will uphold the law and send them home.

The wall needs to be finished and manned by enough border patrol agents to keep them out.

Oh, by the way this administration is now allowing citizens of other countries to seek asylum online on a computer in their own country. That of course begs the question: What happens if you don’t have knowledge or access to a computer? Seems a bit bigoted, doesn’t it?

William Ressegue


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