Rants and Raves | July 31, 2022

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Death sentence upheld for death of girl locked in box – Dear God! It sounds like the entire family needs the death penalty. I’ve rarely heard of such abuse, except in a Nazi death camp. If they need any volunteers carrying the punishment out, some of us would like to volunteer.

Mayor Miles to resign – Sorry about her health. She is leaving us with a city overcrowded due to postage size lots, crumbling roads, traffic problems and an understaffed police department. Another nice, small town ruined.

Mohave County Supervisors aim to reduce recidivism for those who’ve been incarcerated for drug offenses – The supervisors gave the green light for the Reach Out facility for drug offenders. That touchy, feely action will not reduce the escalating crime spree taking place in Kingman.

Protect your family and home – To all my fellow Kingman residents, please lock all of your doors, windows and vehicles. I have seen spine-chilling ring video of a perpetrator checking for unlocked doors.

Arizona AG rant – It is not hypocritical to protect innocent babies from murder, and at the same time punish convicted criminals who have earned the death penalty. The Commandment is: “Thou Shalt Not Murder.”

No privacy – Anyone besides me have problems with privacy because of a neighbor’s trampoline? Their height allows peering over my 6-foot “privacy wall” into my back yard, dining room and kitchen windows.

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