Rants and Raves | June 5, 2022

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Girl told 911: Send the police now as they waited – Absolutely heartbreaking! The chief of police erred big-time. He’ll have to pay the price for it starting with being fired.

7-year-old struck by boater – The driver of the boat should be sentenced to life in prison. Taking a 7-year-old’s life is unacceptable. California’s DUI laws are a joke and so is the bail-setting system. Kill a little girl and only $200k? Wrong!

Plenty of water left – Well, I have been here since 1980 and have seen the drought worsen, the water levels drop (look at the ring around Lake Mead), and the lack of leadership on this issue by our city, county, state and national representatives.

Elwood Watson column: Guns In America – U–turn desperately needed on guns in America – Elwood, you’re nuts! Years ago, we had more guns; little violence. Homes had what’s missing today – Fathers! Christianity! Family! Every single mass shooter has been on cannabis.

Mass-shooters and cannabis rant – I have yet to see any facts saying mass shooters are weed users. Our country was not founded on Christianity. Please recognize that your opinion is not considered a fact. Maybe guns are too easy to obtain?

Assault rifles? – Ban assault rifles. What is an assault rifle? To some its a rifle with a black adjustable stock, which makes it look scary. Oh, by the way, you can get it in pink, which makes it less scary.

Thank you GOP government for defending AR–15s over our friends, family and children for the crimes of going to school, shopping at Walmart or grocery shopping. When death comes to Kingman will you vote NRA lobby money over loved ones?

Gridlock could delay COVID funds until fall – Here’s a thought. Close the border, Joe. That will ensure many diseases stay out that are now coming in and save all that money we waste on illegals here, I’m unaware of another pandemic but Dems must keep spending.

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