Rants and Raves | June 8, 2022

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Kingman School District to offer free meals for ages 0-18 – Sorry, can’t agree with this at all. My mother, alone through no fault of her own, worked and bought simple, healthy food for us four. We were extremely healthy, worked at young ages and bought our own clothes.

How does banning any gun(s) stop killings? More people are killed by hands and feet than by guns. Do you think they can’t find other weapons to use? (Knives, cars, bombs.) It’s the killer, not the weapon.

Hualapai Elementary School mural aims to engage community – It’s a pity the students weren’t asked to do this instead. It would not be nearly as professional and neat, I am sure, but it would be far more artistic and meaningful.

Mohave County elections director outlines protocols for secure elections – They like to use buzz words like transparent and secure, but we will not have honest elections in Arizona until we go back to paper ballots with in-person voting with IDs.

Kelli Ward and GOP, please stop pushing to end early voting in Arizona. You are creating voter confusion and making what was an efficient system difficult for seniors who don’t want to stand in lines during flu/COVID season.

ADOT developing EV charging network – Maybe I missed something? Why is the government involved in charging stations? I don’t remember them setting up gas stations across the country. That’s a business venture, not a government concern. Is taxpayer money involved here?

Thanks to the young man and very nice woman who picked me up when I fell in front of the vets office. A heartfelt thank you for your kindness.

Kingman doc ready to ride off into sunset – Very best wishes, Dr. Allen. We lost Dr. Pickett, we lost Dr. Tedesco and now Dr. Allen. Sad for Kingman but will Dr. Allen continue to live here? And what is it that causes doctors to love cycling? God bless.

Clerk of the Superior Court election – Taking experience into consideration, Christina Spurlock leads all candidates for Superior Court Clerk with over 15 years in that office. That means way more to me than party affiliation.

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