Rants and Raves | June 10, 2022

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State attorney general candidates to speak – Unless these two candidates for AG are interested in prosecuting election crimes, I’m not interested in them.

Hobbs and early voting – Thank you, Katie Hobbs, for doing a wonderful job protecting voting rights of the seniors and disabled. You are an accomplished person who must have the patience of a saint to do your job.

A national popular vote is closer than you might think column – It appears that this writer has no clue that the electoral college is enshrined in the Constitution. Why would the states give up their power to the left?

How disgusting! The United States Congress is holding public hearings to present evidence of a violent coup plot meant to stop a fair election and Fox News won’t air it. An Australian billionaire is trying and succeeding at weakening our nation.

Mass shooter and cannabis rant – A known fact; all the recent shooters have been on mind-altering cannabis. And yes, our country was absolutely founded on Christianity. The founders were often on their knees praying for wisdom. You didn’t know? Never too late for the truth!

This is destroying this country! – If only real life was like politics. The more inept you are and the more rotten of a person you are, the more you get accolades. Gosar is a perfect example. I hope Jan 6 hearings make a difference!

Gas and food prices – Gas too high, food too high, and people think COVID was bad. For many of us the time is short, so sit and do nothing.

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