Letter | Here we go again

Here we go again regarding gun rights and rightfully so as how many more useless killings must we experience before we do something to stop these tragedies?

What is so wrong with extensive background checks, which some 90% of us agree with, and at the bare minimum raising the age limit from 18 to 21 to purchase a gun, plus having a red flag law in effect so someone deemed dangerous or unworthy of owning a gun, it will be taken from them.

One has to be 21 to buy tobacco and alcohol so why not guns? No one, including myself as a gun owner, is saying you can't own a gun; just that anyone who wishes to do so must be deemed responsible and respectful of such a right.

The original Second Amendment stated the right is not unlimited and does not preclude the existence of long-standing prohibitions such as forbidding "the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill or restrictions of carrying dangerous and unusual weapons.”

Can felons and the mentally ill be in possession of guns now? I will go a step further and say why in the world does anyone really need an assault rifle like an AR-15 or a magazine that holds 30 or more rounds?

Tom Ciardullo

Golden Valley

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