Rants and Raves | June 12, 2022

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She liked Ike – Very interesting story about Nurse Furman and President (General) Eisenhower. He was one of our best but least appreciated presidents. It was a better time then for America. We need people like him today.

Arizona sheriff who operated boat drunk gets off probation early – He should be held to a HIGHER standard. Also, he should have resigned in shame, but, some people have no shame.

Why is being woke a bad thing? The opposite of “woke” is asleep.

Kingman Unified School District (free food for kids program) rant – The majority of our school children in Kingman qualified for free meals prior to this decision. It is a good decision, as it’s difficult to learn when one is hungry. How petty to actually want to deny food to children.

Mohave County judge declines request to block mail voting – Thank you, Judge Jantzen! Citizens of all parties use mail-in voting. Blocking mail ballots would make voting far more difficult for the elderly and the disabled of all parties. This was an attempt at undermining confidence in our elections.

I would like to thank the guy that paid for my groceries the other day when I forgot my wallet. That has never happened before. Thank you so much!

Dick Polman Column: Let’s move to Australia, where they confiscate mass murder weapons – Dick Polman, you go right ahead and move to Australia. That is where your kind belongs.

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