Rants and Raves | June 15, 2022

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Let’s move to Australia, where they confiscate mass murder weapons – Australia’s death rate has been going down for decades and was not affected by the confiscation of guns.

Proud Boys charged in riot – If there is actually proof of seditious conspiracy by all means prosecute, but it appears from all I’ve read we had a bunch of goofus clowns up there acting like tough-guy wannabes. Spank them and send them home.

Jan 6 insurrection hearings – “Several members of the committee have promised new and explosive information.” Remember when Schiff had undeniable proof that Trump was involved in some conspiracy. We never saw it and now it appears Hillary was the culprit. Typical partisan BS!

Giffords to Congress: Be bold on gun reform – As usual, liberals blame the gun and not the shooter. The problem is not guns it is mental illness. Raising the age to 21 may help but probably not. They will find another way. Mental illness is the problem.

It’ll never happen in this corrupt nation – Federal direct ballot initiatives on guns/abortion/economic policy. Direct democracy instead of playing politics! “We the people” actually decide rather than crooked politicians dividing us against each other for profit. It would neuter these crooks of both parties. Actual democracy rather than oligarchy!

With the drought continuing and no idea when it breaks it should be top on the minds of our politicians to provide an alternative water source, like a pipeline from Alaska or the Mississippi River. Any other ideas?

Mohave judge declines GOP request to block mail voting – The unelected Kelli Ward has always been delusional. First it was chemtrail conspiracies, bogus lawsuits, and now, an unproven voter fraud conspiracy. Ward should stop trying to restrict voting rights and do something productive like retire from politics.

Kingman School District to offer free meals for ages 0-18 rant – If you think that helping kids eat so they can learn and not have to worry about where one meal a day is coming from is wrong, something is wrong with you.

Conservative Republicans of Kingman to host LD 30 debate – Due to an admission charge, this is just another fundraiser for local Republican clubs using candidates as props. Should be a law if one is running for office their freedom-of-speech voices cannot be infringed upon.

ADOT developing electric vehicle charging network – Our roads and highways are pitiful. Fix our streets and highways before you do anything like this.

Mohave judge declines GOP request to block mail voting – Thank you Judge Jantzen, for standing up for the rule of law. Know that you are standing up to radicalism that poses a real threat to our nation.

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