Rants and Raves | June 17, 2022

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I hate seeing dogs brought into the grocery stores! I know with the onset of summer, it’s way too hot to leave pets in the car. But what’s wrong with leaving them at home?

Law enforcement: Claims of illegal immigrants being bussed into Kingman area not true – We all know what it means when people assume.

Constables salaries – Are you kidding? These people are making $125,000 per year working only 10–20 days per month! Follow Supervisor Lingenfelter’s advice and let the private sector take over their duties for much less.

Native American youths tabbed for conservation projects program – Sounds like a worthwhile experience for youngsters. I’m wondering why it has to be limited to “Native American” youths? Seems like it would be positive for all youths to be part of it. Perhaps cultural bias by Native American Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland?

Constables’ salaries to be set June 20 – If $125, 633 is not enough pay to deliver documents, then don’t run for re–election. Good heavens, most people in Mohave County would cut off their left little toe for that kind of salary and still deliver the documents.

Tom Ciardullo letter: Here we go again – We have extensive background checks. Red flags must not be abusable. Second Amendment limits are on government, not citizens. The majority of mass shooters have been illegally in possession, so laws don’t work. Look at Chicago.

Tom Ciardullo letter: Here we go again – Thank you for your sensible and responsible approach to gun regulations, sir. It’s time we realize that deadly weapons require reasonable regulation. These are our children, our neighbors, being slaughtered. It’s time to truly value life and protect our loved ones.

Michael Reagan column: Dems’ gun show – Only a political hack like Michael Reagan could be so callous as to make light of the horrific deaths of school children murdered and made unrecognizable by weapons made for war! How disgusting and how cruel to their families suffering!

I want to appeal to the person/persons who hit–and–left my red 2017 Corvette at the auction held June 10 at the Mohave County Fairgrounds. Hopefully, your failure to do the right thing will not be passed on to your children! Shame, shame.

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