Rants and Raves | June 19, 2022

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Electric car – Would you please ask Joe Biden to give me $60,-000 for an electric car. My Social Security check is a little short this month. Maybe a raise would help.

Mohave County Supervisors ratify fireworks, open burning bans – Reassuring to know the majority of the board sided with common sense and logic by prevailing over the ill-considered, “not very exciting, acceptable risk” views held by supervisor Ron Gould.

Mobile health unit to be up and running in November – Thanks to Supervisor Jean Bishop’s foresight for making this happen. And for Tara Stanec’s work collecting and analyzing valuable, empirical, health demographic data. Has everyone noticed that this is science?

Dogs in grocery stores rant – Why is it the rage to take dogs into Home Depot, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. Leave them home. I almost stepped on one the other day not seeing the little mutt behind me.

Supposed illegals in Kingman staying at motels – I was an American migrant worker for 13 years. To those of you complaining about the workers I have a question. How many of you are going to go work in the fields or the orchards or the packing houses?

American politics is like a road. Too far right and/or too far left and you end up in the gutter. Drive centerish and you can move forward. We need two parties. Both must reflect/focus on the values/concerns of the American majority.

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