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Tue, July 05

Column | Local primaries lack competition

J’aime Morgaine

J’aime Morgaine

Primary elections are generally about partisan races, but for Mohave County voters, our local partisan races have only Republican candidates. That’s right, there isn’t a single Democrat running in the congressional race, the state legislative races, or the county-level partisan races.

Let me say that, again: the ONLY choice for the 2022 local partisan races are Republican candidates, which means that these races will functionally be determined at the primary election on Aug. 2, not the general election on Nov. 8. There are five Republican candidates vying for the 9th Congressional District seat, and six Republican candidates vying for the two state legislative seats, so we definitely have a choice; just not a choice between party candidates.

If you are a registered Republican voter, you will automatically receive the Republican party primary ballot. Please vote. In these heavily contested races, your vote absolutely will make a difference.

However, that doesn’t mean that non-Republican voters don’t have options, because Arizona is an “open primary” state, so it just takes a little bit more work for Independents and Democrats (yes, Democrats) to have a say in who our next slate of legislators will be.

If you are registered as Independent, No Preference, or Party Not Determined (PND), you need to request the partisan primary ballot (you can choose the Democratic ballot or the Republican ballot) by the July 22 deadline. But remember, there are no Democratic candidates in our legislative races.

If you are a registered Democrat, it may be painful that there are no Democratic candidates, but you can either let the Republican voters decide for you, or you can accept that you live in the “reddest,” least competitive county, legislative district and congressional district and do whatever it takes to have your voice be heard and vote counted.

So suck it up Democratic buttercup, because you have a painful choice to make.

Registered Democrats will automatically receive the Democratic party primary ballot, but there will only be state-wide candidates to choose between (i.e., governor, secretary of state, superintendent of Public Instruction, etc.), because there are no Democratic candidates in our local partisan races. So, if you want to have a say in our local congressional and state legislative races, you will need to either change your party affiliation to vote in the Republican primary by July 22 (one-step process), OR register as an Independent and request a Republican primary ballot (two-step process) by the July 22 deadline.

Real Change PAC does not endorse candidates, but we do support “underdog” candidates in nondirect ways by equalizing the playing field and information sharing such as how to strategize voting in a noncompetitive part of Arizona. So please show up to candidate debates and “meet-and-greets,” and research every candidate, because every single one of these Republicans has strengths and limitations as a candidate. But we each (as voters) have our own perspective of what those strengths and limitations are, and every vote WILL make a difference.

Make your voice heard. Request your partisan ballot by July 22 and make your vote count on Aug. 2.

(J’aime Morgaine is executive director of Real Change. (Arizona Standing PAC #100614) Real Change is a Kingman-based trans-partisan PAC working on nonpartisan issues across Arizona’s 5th/30th Legislative District and Arizona’s 4th/9th Congressional District.)

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