Letter | Get serious about housing issue

This is in response to the June 10 Miner article about the study on county housing needs.

The last housing study was done in 2006. Will the Board of Supervisors please explain to Kingman what improvements in the housing situation have been done over the last 16 years since 2006? Was it just study, paper pushing, talk? Was anything productive actually done? Or will the present situation continue unchanged?

Mohave County Community Services Director Michael Smith brought out a good point about how the lack of affordable housing is linked to other problems such as bringing in qualified workers. Many bigger corporations will not even consider going into a town unless there is already in place proper living conditions for their many workers.

I moved to Kingman a few months ago and was able to purchase a nice house immediately. There is new single-family housing being constructed all over town. If a person has the money to buy, they should be able to find something using the many available real estate agents.

But the people who can only afford to rent are struggling. They may be able to find a job, even temp jobs, but if they can’t find housing they won’t be able to live here.

The lack of housing does bring families together. I had only moved into my home for a week before others wanted to move in on me, because they can’t find affordable housing elsewhere. That togetherness can squeeze us who are already residents.

The overcrowded roadways are another problem to study. There are lots of issues to talk to death.

It is good to have a study to recognize the needs, as long as it proceeds beyond the blah, blah stage.

Shanna Cooper


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