Rants and Raves | June 24, 2022

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Marxism and the Mohave BOS – Hildy (Angius), Ron (Gould) and more recently Travis (Lingenfelter) have pandered to these anti–government nutters for years and used them to make political points but these people have now become tiresome so they’re actually telling them the truth. You reap what you sow.

A rave – I’m pathologically anti-authoritarian and I hate living in such a poverty-stricken area (Butler). It’s new to me to look at such neglect/trash/clutter everywhere. I’ve had three contacts with the sheriff’s office and they have been decent humans, so far. It’s a rarity these days!

God bless Rusty Bowers! I am so grateful Arizona had this man of courage and integrity during this ultra-distressing time in American history. Shame on the Trump supporters for harassing him and his family for following the Constitution!

Why is it so hard for people to admit they were wrong? We all do our best based on information/beliefs had at that time. It’s not a sin to admit that after reflecting on new information you’ve changed your opinion.

Hundreds of homeless die in streets – Thís should not happen in America. Sad how far we have declined as a nation.

Casa Grande woman saves burrowing owls – KUDOS to this woman! We had fields of burrowing owls between Kino and Gordon before their habitat was destroyed by new development. Glad some folks appreciate the wonders of the natural world!

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