Rants and Raves | June 26, 2022

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Is there a state or federal law that prohibits the submission of a fake slate of electors. If yes, then why isn’t Kelly Ward in jail? Why would the Arizona Republican Party allow her to represent them?

Homeless die on the streets – It’s also sad that Kingman ignores the homeless situation. There are people who needs housing, now. We need more affordable housing – tiny homes, as well as a starter.

Dog barking rants – Maybe if there was not an epidemic of walking-dead zombie poverty-stricken drug addicts and mentally ill roaming the neighborhoods of Kingman at all hours on foot looking to make a score of some kind, dogs wouldn’t bark so much.

Jaime Morgaine column: Local primaries lack competition – Local Democrat primaries lack competition in California, ergo CA is a pigsty and everyone, even Democrats, are moving out. This lady could move to, or go back to, California, where there are plenty of Democrats to vote for.

Dogs in stores – Unless it’s a certified service dog leave it home. They don’t belong in any store much less grocery stores with food.

Dumping problem – If the county offered once or twice a year to pick up five yards of trash (litter) for a small fee, that would help.

Jaime Morgaine column: Local primaries lack competition – Democrats would lose in this district but by running anyway they’d get the ideas out there and provide a choice. In today’s hostile political climate, Democrats here would be subjecting themselves/family to violent threats and baseless accusations. This is not democracy!

Don’t let Phoenix take Kingman’s water – I fear if Arizona’s governor and Legislature become Democrat-controlled, a Democrat-dominated Phoenix may decide to go after the water sources of Arizona’s mostly Republican rural communities.

McConnell exits as KRMC CEO – Hopefully the new CEO will reopen the Wound Care Clinic, which has been closed for over six months. There is a need for routine, nonemergency treatment of wounds and there is no other facility in Kingman providing this needed service.

House Speaker calls attempt to overturn votes ‘juvenile’ – God Bless Rusty Bowers, a man of principle and integrity! His act of courage will be remembered long after the liars and those who would win at any cost are forgotten! What his family was put through is disgraceful.

Local heroes rebuffed Trump, then faced threats – This behavior is not patriotism. It is thuggery at its worst! Is this what our country is to become? A nation where people threaten to kill their opponents and their families? Shame!

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