Rants and Raves | June 29, 2022

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Barking dogs rant – Dog owners that allow their dog to bark nonstop, unchecked, are inconsiderate and rude. Regardless of who or what may be walking down the street, the City of Kingman ordinance prohibits nuisance barking and disturbing the peace.

New Dollar General store elicits concerns – According to the Kingman Economic Development Department Kingman does not have enough educated citizens living in Kingman for a Whole Foods Market or a Trader Joe’s. Really?

New Dollar General store elicits concerns – How many Dollar Generals do we need in Kingman?

New Dollar General store in Kingman elicits concerns – There’s nothing wrong with “another “ dollar store. If it fills a need that is present, what’s wrong with that? The city needs to go forward with the Kingman Crossing project. Then, more people and businesses will follow.

How low can the morals of a country sink? Mothers and mothers–to–be are upset because they no longer have the constitutional right to murder their children on demand.

Roe v. Wade – There is going to be much discussion regarding Roe versus Wade being overturned. There is one major question for those cheering the decision. What will become of all these unwanted children? Are there really that many people wanting to adopt?

Supreme Court: Religious schools must get Maine tuition aid – Many public schools get more money and have worse outcomes. They are a monopoly. Monies should follow the student. If a public school is teaching well, they should not fear vouchers. This is the best way to improve outcomes.

Pavement preservation – I don’t live in Kingman but I visit every day to shop along with a lot of traveling visitors. Why should Kingman residents have to pay $300 in property taxes for visitors to wear out Kingman’s roads?

Jessica Walker letter: Allergies can’t be helped – People need to take care not to spray others with their sputum. No one wants to be sneezed or coughed on, no matter the reason. If you have conditions that cause you to cough and sneeze, wear a mask.

Sweltering streets: Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat – There are ways to help with the homeless that suffer, especially in the heat of summer. Charitable organizations such as Cornerstone Mission and the St. Vincent de Paul Society provide for the homeless, with our donations. Open your heart and wallet. Anything helps.

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