Rants and Raves | March 2, 2022

Let us know what’s on your mind in 40 words or less. Submit Rants and Raves at kdminer.com/rants-and-raves or email editorial@kdminer.com. If your rant/rave is about a specific story please mention the headline. Rants and raves must be original; not plagiarized. We receive more rants than we can print. Local rants and raves are preferred.

Driveway paving ordinance - Both my wife and I are senior citizens with Social Security as our only source of income. With the rising prices of food and gasoline, there is no way we can afford to pave our dirt driveway.

Larry Kersich Community View: Dust Happens – Well-written. The Kingman’s City Council’s ridiculous attempt to control dust is misguided, costing citizens a ton of money, for not. Ban leaf blowers. That will help.

Please pray for the people of Ukraine during this challenging time. Pray for our president and Congress to make the best choices in resolving this invasion. Give thanks for how unified the world is against the egregious action of Putin.

Ducey outlines plan to boost water supplies – Ducey is barking up the wrong tree again. Desalination is a long-term project and likely our water situation will correct itself in a few years. Rain!

Ducey Outlines Plan to Boost Water Supplies – Republicans once again offer an adult solution to a real problem effecting us all. Democrats offer childish “woke” solutions to real problems effecting us all. We need you to grow up Democrats. Like Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

MLB 4 days from deadline to cancel games and short season – Anybody want to see 10 pitchers in a game and half the outs strikeouts while you’re paying $10 for a beer.

Mohave County Supervisors approve logos for fairgrounds – How much did it cost to have a new, un-needed logos made?

Wheels on city sidewalks - Why any wheels on sidewalks? You can’t go shopping on a skateboard. It just creates a problem. Try riding one carrying bags.

Michael Reagan column: Biden helps Putin make Russia great again – What a “cheap shot” this piece is! It isn’t President Biden that considers Putin a genius, now, is it? Partisan propaganda and a gift to Putin, indeed!

County Corner Column: Assessor’s Office programs outlined – Nicely explained benefits of the tax lien sales. Enjoyed reading this straight to the facts story. Now I can understand a little better some of the Mohave tax procedures. Thank you.

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