Rants and Raves | March 9, 2022

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Miles won’t seek another term – Mayor Miles, we hate to see you go. You made many heroic stances, you held off a recall campaign, and you served our city well. We wish you good health, happiness and peace.

A big community thank you to the lady who took it upon herself to pick up trash on Hualapai Mountain Road around 7am Sunday. Thank You

Are we ever going to get our recycling back? The COVID excuse is wearing a bit thin. Just saying.

Kingman adopts electric scooter rental pilot program – Scooters weaving in and out of traffic on Beale Street and in front of the brewery. Four together right through a red light on Andy Devene Avenue.

Kingman scooter plan may conflict with city code – So they changed the ordinance and brought scooters TO downtown. Now, Feb 4-5, there are electric scooters flying up all of the downtown sidewalks, Andy Devine Avenue and Beale Street.

Kingman City Council wheels out ideas on coasting vehicles – Skateboards on sidewalks and scooters on the roadways. We have Kingman City Council changing ordinances in order to accomplish their personal goals. The voters should remember that at the polls and replace the City Council with common-sense people.

Kingman-area residents to hold peace vigil to support Ukraine – We’ll be there. Anyone know where we can find some Ukranian flags?

Kingman-area residents to hold peace vigil to support Ukraine – Another useless, feel-good gesture that helps no one. Better to organize a drive for money and supplies for the refugees flooding into Poland.

It was both impressive and heart-warming to see that U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Arizona) sent his representative to the Kingman Women Making History program to award each honoree with a Congressional Certificate. Thank you, Sen. Mark Kelly!

While Americans are coming together in support of Ukraine, and our President is doing a good job of dealing with a horrific situation, hack columnist Michael Reagan takes a cheap shot! Reagan’s father is roiling in his resting place!

President Biden’s Nothing Address Michael Reagan

Reduce dependence on fossil fuels – Absolutely! We should already be doing just that! say NO to Putin and his oil AND save our planet!

Reduce dependence on fossil fuels – Total baloney! Global warming is a hoax. The Antarctica ice mass is increasing, not decreasing, there’s zero evidence linking carbon dioxide to climate change, “global cooling” would cause greater problems. Weak Biden needs to bring back our pipelines, jobs, energy.

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