Rants and Raves | March 13, 2022

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Democrat running for governor proposes free Pre-K – What bull! Free pre-K? Children that age don’t need to be in school; they need to be home with their mother. Remember those days? Mom and Dad married, Dad provided finances, Mom provided a clean home environment, meals and love?

Zelenskyy political cartoon - Ukraine President Zelenskyy is someone American politicians should admire. Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene are an embarrassment to the concept of intelligent public service.

Price hikes at the pumps – Anyone notice that the price of gas went up immediately after the president announced sanctions? They did not run low on gas that fast! It’s manipulation of prices by companies, and of course, our “friends” (NOT) the Saudis.

Biden warns of Putin price hike at pumps – I am more than happy to pay more for gas to send Putin and his troops packing! Americans used to be tough when coming up against dictators. The time has come to be tough again!

Republicans Club to host Kingman mayoral candidate Watkins – Once again the Republican Party is charging a fee for us to hear from our candidates. Do not support any political activity that charges fees to hear from our candidates or elected officials.

I’m confused again! How is it we don’t have world peace after changing the name on pancake boxes, high schools and syrup bottles?

Are Kingman City Council members voting to allow wheeled vehicles (other than wheelchairs) on sidewalks? I’m a walker nearly knocked over by bicyclists racing up behind me. If skateboards, etc., are allowed on sidewalks require that they announce their approach to walkers.

Daniel Wood letter: A couple of questions for Paul Gosar – Daniel Wood wants Gosar to answer a few questions. Here’s a couple more. Why did you call the insurrectionists “patriots?” Patriots works within the law to change laws? Given the facts revealed recently, will you now call these traitors, traitors?

Stop buying Chinese goods – We should stop buying Chinese goods for our own good as in bringing production back to America and Buy American as Trump was working out. Putin hitting a maternity hospital is a step too far; may he rot in hell.

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