Rants and Raves | March 16, 2022

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“You have to love the Baby Boomers” rant – What an incredibly stupid, uninformed comment about the Baby Boomer generation. Unfortunately, 40 words is not sufficient to address this comment. And it is a waste of time to debate a moron.

“You have to love the Baby Boomers” rant – Think again. Baby Boomers fought and died for this country. It breaks our hearts to see what is happening today. We care very much about what is happening because we have children and grandchildren that will inherit what is left.

“No pre-K school because women are to be at home, barefoot and pregnant, rant” – As it takes two incomes to survive, working women are a fact, and child care is crazy expensive. Sorry, but last time I checked 1950 was gone.

Gary Elmore obituary – He was the kindest person I have ever met! Love you, son-in-law. We will meet again!

Russian strikes hit Western Ukraine as offensive widens – It is sick that Putin repeatedly states he is going to de-Nazify Ukraine when Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is Jewish; his four grandfathers fought the Nazis in World War II, and three were shot and killed by Nazis. Only his one grandfather survived.

Government does not control the price of oil. Greed controls the price. Oil companies stopped shale oil extraction because they could buy OPEC oil cheaper, meaning higher profits. Pipeline is Canadian oil going for export. Nothing to do with price, same as Biden.

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